Dedicated to George The Duck
Spot, Red & Gray (ducks & geese), Brownie(s) and
every other unusual animal along the waterways

10/31/13 Thursday:  Saw Spot, Little Orphan Uno and all six of the George Clan ducks in the George Memorial bridge area after 4 pm this afternoon - before the crowds of duck feeding diners filled the area.
Finally witnessed A N D got a VERY UNUSUAL video (4:25 collage) of SEVEN (7) HATCHLINGS GOING OVER THE NUEVA DAM/SPILLWAY on Monday - only one of the seven was witnessed beeping and paddling toward loudly quacking Mama two days later, yesterday.  (video 2:45) (It was not seen a couple hours later.)

[ The narratives are continued after this ode to Sweet George. ]

(continued from above)
10/19/13 Saturday: Found Spot The Bent Necked duck, Little Orphan Uno and all six (Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro, Cinco and Seis) of what's being called the George Clan of ducks at their usual spots on either side of the pedestrian bridge next to the George Memorial.  Had not seen the orphan or bent neck duck earlier in the day and was worried about them - worried no more.
10/15/13 Tuesday: Found Spot on land having no apparent problems with his bent neck - Dos and Quatro/Cinco and/or Seis were with him - as was Little Orphan Uno, the scruffy little pre-flight duck.  They are shy of passing tourists but had no problem with me while I video taped and talked with them.  Spot's barking, short quack indicates that he was orphaned before his Mama could teach him the normal clan quack.  All the orphans along the Riverwalk may begin relating to that short quack - creating their own clan and the strength in numbers thereby.
10/4/13 Friday:  This evening's Memorial Plaque dedication and gathering just west of the Original Mexican Restaurant (next to the small pedestrian bridge) went well with small rubber ducks available to all.  This webmaster discovered that George had been well known, beloved and long residing under a tree adjacent to the southeast edge of that pedestrian bridge - the site where the present memorial to HER (she was thought to be HE until the autopsy was performed) is located.  Another memorial is dedicated to her and located inside the restaurant.
  One of the participants, Connie, who tends to the memorials and makes sure the candles are functioning, said she had known George for fifteen years.  Some restaurant workers indicated she'd been around for at least a half-dozen years.  In any case, this webmaster's misimpression that she was a young duck having just come of age (18 months old) this year is just plain wrong.  That means that the possibilty of her being the Mama of these six Survivor Ducks depends upon someone else having seen her hooked up (traveling together at least a couple months) with a Mallard or other drake (male duck - females are just 'duck').  And, in any, any case, there is no doubt that these black/gray & white ducks are going to replace her as one of, if not THE, prime tourist attractions along the miles of downtown Riverwalk.
  It appears that the gray ducks are getting darker and all the ducks' chests are becoming less splotchy - those white chests stick out and are very noticeable at a distance of 100 feet or so.
9/21/13 Saturday:  Both black & white ducks (Uno & Dos) were seen flying from one side of the river to the other today, although not by this webmaster.  (A video taken yesterday was discarded for being too distant and all the ducks sleeping, anyway.)
 EPILOGUE:  The proof of whether the very unusual black/gray and white Mallard ducklings are the result of eggs laid by George a couple weeks before she died should be evidenced when any of them show any orange at the top of their bill.  If the ducklings are the result of a cross breeding between Mallard and then they may be infertile.  In any case, these odd colored ducks will be the easiest to follow along the Riverwalk for the rest of their lives here.  Let's hope they are respected better than George was and can enjoy long and happy lives - lives making those of the rest of us Riverwalkers equally enjoyable.







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